Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Snake and I (a fantastical metaphorical respite)

A large snake wrapped around me from my feet to chin. He told me that if I did everything he said, he would release me and let me be for a few weeks. I believed him. I listened to him for hours and obeyed his every command. After a day of unceasing, obedient labor, however, I realized that with each task that I performed his grip only grew tighter. I still believed that he would release me when I accomplished everything he required, but I needed a moment of respite before I reached the final push, when the snake's constricting muscles would create such crushing force that if I were not flexible, my bones would shatter and my lungs would burst. So I set out to acquire a bit of flexibility.

I could not remove the snake from my body, and he would not budge until I finished all of his tasks. And so, with still the serpent still around me, I surrendered to my imagination, where I found an adequate supply of fresh air and hope, enough to make a person quite happy and calm--the kind of calm that allows one to be flexible when a large snake is squeezing you to the point of shattering your bones and bursting your lungs. Then I returned to my tasks. 

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