Monday, October 1, 2012

For anyone who is stuck behind a stationary car at a green light, or something similar.

Life is filled with grievances, and in many instances, the more we try to avoid them the more they are heaped upon us. We build up rules, laws, regulations, procedures, standards and norms to protect us from the grievances that invade our lives and threaten our happiness, and then we expect that everything must go “according to plan.” But life does not go according to plan. Norms are violated, laws are broken, procedures are forgotten – and what happens then? We throw up our arms in dismay! “How dare they!”

By all means, establish order, but let not yourself become its slave. Not every violation merits misery, nor deserves the sacrifice of love and understanding. The joyful woman knows not the grievances over which the wretched man obsesses.

We would be happy to metabolize this one fact: that the reality of life is one of persons, not procedures. Therein lies happiness, and the secret to “patience.”

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