Monday, October 22, 2012

A Day.

How much can change in a day!

The tree I daily pass without a thought today demands a minute's pause. To rush along without respect, to leave the gift along the way, untouched – who am I to scorn the purest call to love and veneration? The daily gift to me is given, in forms diverse – physical, emotional, spiritual, to name a few – yet even in their constancy, I cannot think to call them but for miracles.

The miracle appears to me a thing transmogrified – the change is quick and clearly breaks from days before – yet logically I must confess that though the gift appears at once, the gift was made in changes incremental and unseen. This knowledge of the transformation as a process – does it kill the humble concept of the miracle? For some it may, but still I ask: do you not feel, fortunate, even blessed, for being there when process reached its climax? Did the tree not inspire a feeling of cosmic gratitude?

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