Friday, September 28, 2012

Electronic Music - Day 4

What if electronic music got... jazzy? Like, instead of grading techno beats from the rave, it had cool bass lines and textures that belong in a hip hop/jazz club?

Interested? Then check out Flying Lotus. Fans like to point out that Flying Lotus is the great-nephew of Alice Coltrane, jazz pianist and wife of John Coltrane. They say there's a connection or something. I mean, you know how influential those great aunts are. But seriously, maybe there's something there. Flying Lotus is creative and inviting. Sit down, grab a nice pair of headphones or a good soundsystem, and have a listen.

The artist who did the cover art shown in the video admitted that he has a thing for creation stories. Now take another look, and tell me it doesn't look similar to this:

File:Paradiso Canto 31.jpg

That's the Empyrean from Dante's Divine Comedy, as illustrated by Gustav Dore. According to the Divine Comedy, the Empyrean is the highest heaven, the dwelling place of God, the source of light and creation. Maybe the artist was drawing on some very old inspiration? Or, does everyone fascinated with creation end up drawing big balls of light?

Well, you can forget that deeper meaning mumbo jumbo if you want. I'll shut up, and you can play the hits.

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