Saturday, August 4, 2012


There's trouble right here, right here in.... [your city]

It has come in the form of informed decisions, smart consumption, and heightened self-awareness. It is everything that fuels your obsession with doing only those things which are laudable, down-to-earth, and unoffensive. IT is your quest to paint and then become the perfect self-portrait, the Mona Lisa of your day.

It has come in the form of objective reviews that see objects as objects, that ignore the inescapable humanness behind creation. It is the endless appetite for excellent taste that requires ridicule of sub-par creations, without regard to the hands and soul of the creator. It is the misguided self-justification of this violence as the defense of truth and beauty.

It has come in form of the damnable and idiotic conceptualization of commodified, objective beauty, which relegates human kindness to the periphery or excludes it altogether. It is primacy of the pursuit of said beauty.

It has come in the form of inescapable sadness – the result of your tiresome chase. It is the longing of something more, something better, but looking in all the wrong places. It is this endless cycle of self-portrait-revisioning-consumption.

The human spirit is no canvas. The human spirit is infinity. It requires something altogether different than self-decoration and self-collection. 

There's TROUBLE right here