Sunday, February 28, 2010

Personal Reflections / Learning Not to Take Yourself Too Seriously

This evening I drove up to the Y Trailhead above Provo to take some time to reflect and meditate. It took me a few minutes, but eventually I found a parking space separate from all the couples "enjoying the view." I turned off the car, pulled back the chair and enjoyed the silence.

For the next hour or so I read through past journal entries, remembering poignant memories and wide-ranging emotions. As I read I was impressed with the many good people that have come into my life during the past few years and I felt a strong desire for their welfare. I saw how many good things have happened to me, and I realized how great is my need for gratitude.

Satisfied with the outcome, I ended the session with a prayer and got ready to head home. I put on my seatbelt, turned the key.... and nothing happened.

I tried again. Nothing.

I looked out the windshield and saw what I should have seen an hour before: two fading lights coming from the front of my car, sucking all the life out of my battery. My battery was dead, and I was alone on the mountain. "Well, God," I said, "You've sure got a sense of humor." Fortunately for me I wasn't far from home, and my wonderful roommate came to rescue me. I'm just glad that I have a cell phone.

I love it when mishaps like this happen in times like this. Life should be funny, and not too serious.

When my roommate arrived with a friend, they asked me where the girl was. "She ran away," I replied. In reality, I probably could have seen her 'home' from up there.

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Pear said...

That place is my thinking place, too. :)