Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Thrifty Mr. Disney

Do you love Disney movies? Do you ever get a sense of Deja Vu while watching them? Well you should. See for yourself.

Walt: "Well folks, looks like we've got a bit of a problem here. We need to make another film, but I spent all of our budget on the electric parade. Unfortunately, we can't afford to make any new animations."

Animator: "No sweat, Walt! I'll just dig up the old Snow White and Jungle Book animations from the vault and change the characters. And, if it works O.K., we can do it a few more times!"

Walt: "Genius! I'm sure glad I hired brains like you to help me manipulate the masses to spend vacations standing in long lines and buy overpriced merchandise while believing that they're at the 'happiest place on earth!'"

Animator: "Oh.. so that's your plan?"

Walt: "Well duh."

Animator: ... :(

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