Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One Fine Day... to eat George Clooney

Introducing: Clofu!

Yes, friends. Edward Cullen's fantasy is now available to you. You can eat the heartthrob of your life, and it's totally O.K!

Now, I don't like to poke fun at people's morals, but honestly...

"Newkirk, a big fan of Clooney, told us yesterday that the towel was offered by a PETA supporter with the idea of auctioning it off, but she immediately thought of using his perspiration for bean curd." (emphasis added)

Okay, yes, that's great that you have George Clooney's towel, but what kind of person sees, "sweaty towel" and thinks, "bean curd!"? Sounds like someone's starving, or has been reading way too much Stephanie Meyers.

And poor little George... Peta certainly wasn't very ethical towards that particular mammal.

I wonder how much clofu sells for, anyway.

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Sarah Carr said...

PETA drives me crazy. Did you hear that they want to start calling fish "sea kittens" so people will stop fishing? They came to my middle school to hand out pamphlets of dead animals. I've thought them in bad taste ever since.