Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wait, Wait... Don't Mind Me

I walked around campus today while listening to "Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me" on my mp3 player. As enjoyable as it was, I will probably not do it again. Wherever I went, people looked at me, puzzled by my dumb grin and suppressed laughter.

The episode included interviews with comedians as well as jokes about Sesame Street. Sesame Street! How was I to stay composed?

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Blair Corbett said...

one of my favorite things in the whole world is the best show on wfmu which i listen to on my ipod and frequently induces reactions ranging from furious smirking to out and out laughter. personally i think getting over the possible oddness of your unsolicited snorting in public is part of initiation into humourous podcast listening and sort of charming one at that.