Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Happy, Brazilian Surprise

Remember how I said that I didn't think I was eligible to apply for the study abroad, but I would speak with someone just in case? Well, I spoke with someone, and it worked. I'm going to Brazil on June 22.

While I'm there I'll take two classes and visit many historic sites around the country. Our group will be centralized in São Paulo, but we will go as far as Rio de Janeiro and Bela Horizonte. I've been told that we will also see the Iguaçu falls, as pictured here.

I expect to see rainbows just like this. I bet they're permenant.

I know I sound nonchalant about this, but I couldn't be more excited. When I found out that I was accepted I could hardly contain myself. I wanted to dance around campus and shout glad tidings to every creature. I probably would have, had I not had to work. I still shared a brief vocal outburst with a friend, but I mostly kept it in. I was floating the rest of the evening.

Thoughts of Steve Carell from Get Smart flashed through my mind as I sought a way to express my contentment.

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