Friday, December 26, 2008

Whiteout Christmas

It sure was nice spending Christmas with my family this year. I enjoyed the Christmases spent in Massachusetts, but there's nothing like being home for the Holidays. I appreciate that more now.

Christmas Eve was uplifting and peaceful. There were only four of us, and we had the traditional Cornish Game Hen dinner and then read some scriptures about the Savior's birth. It was a good reminder of what we were celebrating before the Holiday began.

Christmas Day was simple, and chaotic with a full house. We ate lots of food, opened presents, and played with toys in good company. The most popular toy was our new Wii, which quickly found a home in our family room. To our great satisfaction, everyone played and enjoyed it, except for those on the extreme ends of the age spectrum. The little ones were content to stand in the path of wildly-swinging remotes, and the older ones didn't come down to see.

My gifts were designed to help me prepare for life away from home again. I received a slow-cooker, a food chopper, plastic containers, and a vegetable steamer. The steamer doubles as a toy, because when it's closed up it makes a convincing UFO. Fortunately I enjoy cooking. Or more accurately, I enjoy eating and I'm willing to cook the food to eat.

I also received an gift card, which I plan on using to buy some Brazilian cds. :D

Tomorrow we are leaving for the mountains, to spend the weekend snowmobiling at a cabin. With all of this snow, however, simply getting up there could be a real challenge. I hope everything works out.

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