Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Moving Melodies and Ambitious Anchors

Christmas music is so fun and uplifting. Last night I went to a local benefit concert featuring Marshall McDonald, Steven Sharp Nelson, my old high school's choir, and a Utah youth string orchestra. It was fun seeing "Brother McDonald," one of my former seminary teachers, on stage performing. He played very well, though he moved so swayed so much that I was surprised that he didn't fall off the edge of the bench.

The hostess of the event was a local anchorwoman, and when she began to speak I realized that news anchors voices aren't meant for large public settings without video clips. She seamlessly slipped into anchor mode as she rattled of statistics from the Utah Food Bank. "There are X# families in need right now.. Blah Blah Blah..." Oh look, there are oranges on that Christmas tree over there!

The most (and unintentionally) comedic part of the concert was listening to this anchor narrate the tear-jerking orphan story, "Christmas Oranges." Her breaking-news voice kicked in as she told about the flu epidemic raging throughout the town of the story:
"Many people, both young and old, became sick with the flu.
Many people, both young and old,

* dramatic pause *


I did have a tingly feeling at the story's resolution, however. Oh, and I loved the name of the orphanage - "Irongates."

And the music really was fantastic.


Now, quite different from the peaceful Christmas melodies of last night, I'm listening to my old music collection and throwing out the junky stuff. The first victim was a punk rock cd that I never listened to completely. The reason for that was soon made obvious. I threw it away with its five power chords, monotone vocals and unchanging drum pattern.

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