Thursday, December 18, 2008

Agar Mans

When I was 14 I thought drums were "wicked awesome." In fact, I liked them so much that I included "drummer" in my e-mail address. Now, eight years later, I have the same e-mail address because I can't settle on anything else.

My father helped me come up with some ideas tonight, most of which were chosen out of a log-cabin magazine. After he saw that I wasn't going for "woodmaster" or "woodburningstove," he tried some other sources. His best idea was to use an anagram generator, into which I entered my name. Here are some of the results for "Michael Wood."
A Melodic Who
A Chowed Limo
Achoo Mildew (a description of work in conservation)
Ciao, Lewd Ohm (we're switching electric companies)
Ideal Cow Ohm (our new electric company)
Each Wild Moo (Great cheese comes from wild cows, and wild cows come from San Francisco)
Dim Whale Coo (unrelated to the intense whale coo, which is commonly heard by 12-year-old David Archuleta fans)
Ow Docile Ham ("Martha, this ham is absolutely... docile!")
And these include my middle name:
Mad Loco Wheelie
Dam Cool Wheelie
Old Coma Wheelie

Infinitely more interesting than my name, however, is that of our president-elect.
Maraca Kabob

Even our current president has a fitting anagram!
Bugger Hose

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