Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Michael Just Wants to Dance.

I am not a dancer. The extent of my dance background is Dance Dance Revolution, which is more violent than graceful(at least when I play). Tonight, however, I went far beyond that and learned some basic swing and salsa steps. Sorry nerds, but it was way more fun than arrow-smashing.

Being able to do those basic moves, no matter how ugly it looked, was satisfying and great fun! It was also nice to dance with a partner, instead of clutching a sweaty, metal bar.

I was still feeling the groove when I got home, so I pulled my mother away from the Thanksgiving turkey and we danced in the kitchen. No sooner did I take her hand than the groove seized her and she recalled the dance steps from a distant college memory. We danced for a few minutes and then, slightly embarrassed, she broke away by suggesting that I teach my younger sister. My sister didn't jump at the offer.

I enjoy dance and would like to learn (and see) more.

And I still love ddr.

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