Sunday, November 30, 2008

Michael experienced the life of a soccer mom. Does that mean I can be vp?

I'm back! The trip to Vegas was enjoyable, but definitely not what I had expected. I was more of a family assistant than a tourist.

Things started off rough when my father came down with a nasty cold. He was able to drive for much of the trip to Vegas, but once we reached the hotel, he stayed in the room, miserable, for the rest of the weekend. I washed my hands more than ever before during these past four days.

With my father sick in bed, my mother needed my help navigating the foreign highways of sin city. I drove to soccer games, restaurants, and even to the home of her old college roommate who she hadn't seen for 18 years. I didn't get to do the original activities I had planned, but it was nice to just get out and relax and be of help. Watching the soccer games wasn't too bad either.

After a long drive through the desert and battling through post-Thanksgiving traffic, I'm back home and ready to tackle the challenges of the next month. There's much to do before the year ends.

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